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Teaching at St Andrews


PY1010: Mind and World

PY3100: Reading Philosophy: Texts in Language, Logic, Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Science

PY4671: Dreaming and Waking (as Module Co-ordinator).

Teaching at Cambridge

As Director of Studies, I supervised several students in Michaelmas Term from Magdalene and Newnham Colleges for papers in metaphysics (IA, first year) and philosophy of mind (II, third year). 

I  also gave a series of Mental Faculties lectures throughout Lent Term as part of the third year Philosophy of Mind Paper on Intention and the Will.  

Teaching at the London School of Economics

I taught as a GTA on the following courses:

LSE, PH214: Philosophy, Morals and Politics 
Winner, LSE Class Teaching Award. 

LSE, PH103: The Big Questions: An Introduction to Philosophy

In 2020 I completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education - Associate Fellowship at the LSE. 


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